Monday, November 28, 2011

| Cheap Tricks | How to remove Window 7 Genuine notification ?

Assalamualaikum and have a good day,

Today putri would like to share with you all on how to remove the Window 7 Genuine notification.
Hell yeah ! I know it is really annoying especially when the wallpaper or background turns to ALL BLACK !
So, this some info that you may like to try but hurmmm like people said (it's illegal-> for sure)

first of all:
----> download this Link "Owhyeah"
----> Unzip the "Removewat.exe" and of course "run as administrator"
----> Then wait for the software to run and click you need to click "Remove Wat"
----> Wait for awhile and take some nip of chipsmore !
----> The window will restart and taraaaaa...
There will never shown that annoying notification to you again ! !

You may relax in peace ! owyeahh..

----> To prevent this notification in future please stop all Automatic updates from your PC.

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( 0_0; ) sorry for the broken English

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