Sunday, August 29, 2010

always dusk

- You ugly bitch, move! - I said with that need just to slap her on the face.
She looked up with those profound mossy-green eyes and moved slowly. She didn’t even say one thing, not a single word, just did what I asked. A shade of agony passed quickly right through that gaze but she hid it rapidly.
It’s frustrated! She keeps messing with my mind, with all my emotions. Ugh!
- Shane! - I heard Miki calling me from behind. She cuddled me on her skinny arms and glared Kim.
- Hello freak!
Again not a word! Just “the look”! Somehow evil, but yet with pain! I needed to touch her now. She was like a magnet, pulling me closer and closer.
I grabbed her arm and dragged her near me.
- Why don’t you talk ugly?!
Her hot breath crashed on my face. Delicious! Mouthwatering! I wonder what she tastes like. Fuck! What the hell am I thinking? I shook my head in shock.
- Shane, just leave her honey!
But I don’t want to. Her skin was so smooth and warm. Shane man, you are so fucked; liking the emo freak.
- Let go of me!
That voice. So deep, so dark, so everything! What’s happening to me?!
She came to our school this year. I always see her on the lobby or detention. She’s constantly there. But…she never fights back. She never says a word. Nothing! I’m going insane. That look of hers is like earthquake, it trembles my world over and over. That attitude is so intriguing, like the Da Vinci’s code. It takes a lot of effort to decipher it. The usual bruises on her face or arms, like an invitation to the horror story she’s living. Those breathe of her, feeding me with my own personal oxygen. That silky skin; a warning to the other guys who will touch her. I’m gone break your bones one by one.
- Shane! - Miki called bewildered.
Yeah, I was leaning close to Kim. That’s not good. Even she was a bit scared.
- Sorry! I… I have to go.
And u ran as a dumbass. I almost kissed the girl and terrified her. 1

Have you ever heard of a stalker? Well, here you have him. 
She was walking quietly, her steps small and thoughtful. Her features amazing, she looked as a perfect moving statue. And the melancholic sculpture stopped.
- Why are you here?
A punch right on my face guys! A kick on my soft place! That’s the effect of her words. She knew I was following her?! And she didn’t say anything?! Why?!
It was my time to stay silent. But my legs didn’t though. They walked instinctively to her.
- Hi!
Oh my god, I’m so stupid! Can’t I find a better word??? Ugh!
- What do you want?
- Nothing! I just…
- You just lost the road right?!
Ugh! Don’t piss me off girl. Something inside moved. I grabbed her face and pulled it to mine. Again the honey smell. It sets me on fire! Honey flames guys! And then…
- Kim! What are you doing?
She turned her head. A tall cute woman stood in front of her hugged with this buff dude. People like him give certify the hypothesis that our origin comes from monkeys.
- You having fun honey?! - She asked with the evil smile engraved on her face. - Finally my daughter understands a woman’s need.
- I don’t go fuck everyone for money dear mom.
A flat sound, came when she slapped her!
- You little slut, don’t try to act the innocent little girl. I’ll make sure that Max here shows you how to act with your mom. Right Max?!
He nodded.
How did my world become so silent?!
Is that what’s happening to her. Her gaze, now sorrowful watched till her mom’s shade disappeared. Then… no more that I-don’t-give-a -shit look. Hot tears rolled on her chubby cheeks. My arms impulsively embraced her from behind. I rested my head on her shoulders and pressed my lips on neck. My lungs fill up with the delicious honey aroma. And then, as my brain had no more power at controlling me I whispered on her ear automatically those words that I made up long time ago.
- Tell me about your story! I won’t make fun.
Tell me about your secret! I’ll be silence as the tomb.
Tell me about your pain! I’ll take it on my shoulders.
Tell me about those who hurt you! I’ll fucking kill them all.
Tell me about your inner demon! I promise I’ll make him go away.
Tell me you like me! I’ll tell you I love you.
Tell me you’ll be always here! I will never leave you.
Tell me you’ll leave me and I’m being stupid! I’ll fade away because I can’t take your rejection.
Is that enough for you to trust me?
- I’m scared, - she murmured.
- Tell me why.
- I’m scared of the night because she’ll bring in my room my terror.
- It’s still twilight.
She sobbed on my shoulder. Her warm liquid tears warmed my skin.
- What does that mean?
- I won’t let the darkness come. I’ll keep it always dusk for you.
I could feel her smile lighten up. That’s all I need.

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